Welcome to the 7th Age of Terra’talei!
Currently Under Construction

At the moment, this is where all info for this world is being put together. Hope you enjoy!

You awake under a star-lit sky, the land around you is flat, the hard sand lies under your body. You haven’t drunk for days. Nor have you eaten. But in your hand is a map, and you know, that the sun rises in the east, it sets in the west, and to the north is food and water, and shelter to find.

The sun hasn’t risen in centuries; the clouds that pass overhead have blocked Pelor’s grace, and cold has held your land in petrification. But this morning, when you awoke to air that didn’t freeze your body in place, you saw the sun up in the sky, shining over the frozen wasteland. You called out to your Elders, and they told you, they told everyone, that the time has come, and the Empire will rise again.

The 7th Age Chronicles

Map  3