Amava is a city built upon, within and around Amava Mountain. Currently, during the 7th Age, it is known as a centre for knowledge; a stronghold that has lasted three full Age Cycles. Most notable within are the University and the unique architecture.

Ruling the Empire (of which Amava is the central city to) are the Seven Councils, through the High Council. There are fourteen seats within the High Council, two for each Council. The two chosen either speak for themselves (as in the case of the Monarchy or Amava’s Defence) or serve as a voice for the rest of their own Council (as with the Raven Queen’s Council or the Cloves of Nature). Together they come to decisions for the Empire.

The architecture is one of ethereal beauty, built from Alabaster and Jerusalem stone, stairs and pathways under overarching columns that glisten in the light. For this reason, Amava is also known as the Land’s Pearl. But within the mountain, left from the years that the mountain was home to the Dwarven clan (that still inhabits Amava), is a complex tunnel system. This is one of the things that makes Amava so durable; in the event of battle, all regular citizens are sent inside (as in siege), and are then sent down various paths to various safe-houses throughout Terra’talei.

Amava’s population consists mainly of Dwarves, Elves, Dragonborn, and Gnomes.
The Dwarves and Dragonborn were original settlers, read more here [soon to come: page on pre-4th Age Amava]. Later, Elves came to seek refuge in the midst of war. Together with the Dwarves, they created the unique architecture that is known to come from Amava alone.
The outer forest had always been home to gnomes, and when war came during the 5th Age, they sought out refuge with the Elves.
Now, at the dawn of the 7th Age, the city is home to more races, as a hub for information, in the form of the University, which boasts the largest collection of records on the continent.


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